Messages From Director

PWD Training Academy has been achieving appreciable success in conducting good quality training courses since it set out in 2010. If offers to its trainees an IT-based modern environment with facilities of international standard, a rich library, and a testing laboratory.

It envisions to sort out the fields where training is more required on the basis of needs, assessment survey and provide effective training in those fields according to the order of importance.

This academy wants to focus more on arranging practical oriented activities for the trainees such as case studies, field trips, practical sessions etc along with the discussion of theories so that the trainees can apply this learnt knowledge in the real context of their working areas. It is our belief that the positive memories and experience of this academy will set the stage for success for the trainees in their entire working life.

PWD Training Academy aspires to upgrade the testing laboratory so that it can gain more strength to get authentic results and provide more fruitful contributions to the system through material testing and quality control conducted by Public Works Department.

K. M. Mostafa Hasan 
Director, Superintending Engineer (Civil)
PWD Training Academy & Testing Laboratory