Material Test

Current Testing Facilities:

1. Tests of Concrete
1.1 Concrete Cylinder Compressive Strength Test
1.2 Density of Hardened Concrete
1.3 Concrete Core Compressive Strength Test
1.4 Depth of Penetration of Water Under Pressure in Hardened Concrete

2. Tests of Deformed MS Bars
2.1 Rebar Tensile Strength Test
2.2 Total Elongation
2.3 Bend-Rebend Test

3. Test of Aggregates
3.1 Sand Fineness Modulus Test
3.2 Specific Gravity and Water Absorption of Fine Aggregates
3.3 Gradation Test of Coarse aggregates
3.4 Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) / Ten Percent Fines Value (TFV)
3.5 Aggregate Impact Value (AIV)
3.6 Flakiness Index (FI) of Coarse Aggregates
3.7 Elongation Index (EI) of Coarse Aggregates
3.8 Angularity Number (AN) of Coarse Aggregate
3.9 Specific Gravity and Water Absorption of Coarse Aggregates
3.10 Unit Weight and Voids in Coarse Aggregates
3.11 Los Angeles Abrasion Test
3.12 Unit Weight and Voids in Fine Aggregates

4. Tests of Cement
4.1 Normal Consistency
4.2 Setting Time (Initial, Final)
4.3 Compressive Strength of Mortars
4.4 Expansion of Hydraulic Cement Mortar Bar Stored in Water

5. Tests of Brick & Sand Cement Solid Block
5.1 Crushing Strength
5.2 Water Absorption
5.3 Efflorescence (Brick Only)
5.4 Unit Weight

6. Tests of Soil and compacted fill
6.1 Field Density and Unit Weight of soil in Place by Sand-Cone Method
6.2 Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of soil Using Modified Effort (Modified Proctor Test)

Upcoming testing facilities:

1. Test of E/M equipment.