PWD Training Academy and Testing Laboratory

Training on "Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) " is going to be organized from 11th April to 15th June at PWDTA.

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e-GP (egp)
MS Project (msproject)
Online Project Monitoring (opm)
HVAC System Design (hvac)
Structural Fire Safety (sfs)
Lift, Aircondition & Power (lap)
Computer Fundamental (cf)
Orientation of SAE (Civil) (oos)
Orientation of AE (32nd BCS) (oae)
Orientation of SDE (E/M) (osde)
Plumbing Technology (pt)
Sub-Soil Investigation (ssi)
Pile Construction & Pile Load Test (pcplt)
Study of Building Drawings (sbd)
Procurement Management (pm)
Digital Survey (ds)
Laboratory Testing of Materials (ltom)
PMIS Local Administrator (pims)
Basic Office Management (bom)
Conduct and Discipline (cd)
Basic Computer (bc)
Orientation of AE (Civil & E/M) (02/2014-15)
Orientation of Sub-assistant Engineer (Civil & E/M) (03/2014-15)
Urban Rainwater Harvesting System (urhs)
DPP Preparation and Detailed Estimate (DPP)
Office Management (OM-11-16)
Public Procurement Rules (PPR)-2008 (PPR-2008)
Environmental Impact Assessment of Buildings (EIA)
Structural Design - Manual Calculation (SD-MC)
Lift, Sub-station, Generator, BMS and Solar Power Energy (Lift-O)
Cement and Concrete Technology (C&CT)
Quality Control and Testing of Materials (QC&TM)
Auto CAD 2D (CAD)
Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Land Management (LM)
Sanitation, Plumbing and Deep Tube Well (SP&DTW)
Orientation Course for Assistant Engineer (34th BCS) (OCoAE-34)
Audit Procedure and it's Application (AP&IA)
Retrofitting of Buildings (RoB)
Financial Management (FiM)
E/M Equipment Operation and Maintenance (EO&M)
Structural Design Using ETABS (SD-ETABS)
Primavera (PV)
e-Filing (eFile)
Construction Project Management (CoPM)
Design and Construction of Mat Foundation & RC Pile (MaF&RCP)
English Communication Skills (ECS)

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