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An overview

The Public works Department has highly qualified and experienced professionals forming a multi-disciplinary team of civil, electrical and mechanical engineers who work alongside architects from the Department of Architectur. As a sister organization falling under the administrative control of the Ministry of Housing & Public Works, the latter works well with the PWD in providing service to the nation. With its strong base of standards and professionalism developed over the years, the PWD is the repository of expertise and hence the first choices among discerning clients for any type of construction project in Bangladesh. It is recognized as a leader and pacesetter in the construction industry because of its consistently superior performance.

For the PWD, functional and aesthetic quality, application of appropriate tecnology and local materials, cost effectiveness and user satisfaction get paramount importance. A vigorous programme of quality assurance, quality control and technical audit feeds into the range of the PWD's activities.The Department aims at Total Quality Management through a system of modernization and human resource development.

Over the years, the PWD has gained invaluable experience in a wide range of fields. It has an excellent trackrecord for quality, cost effectiveness and speed. Well-documented standards, specifications, scedule of rates, design practices, costing systems, the application of procedures which ensure proper utilization of public funds and total accountability are all embodiments of the department.