PWD Training Academy and Testing Laboratory

Class Room

There are three class rooms and one computer lab in PWD training academy & testing laboratory. Each room Consist of one laptop & one projector. And each projector has some significant importance.

Class Room-1

The FX-79E1 StarBoard Interactive Whiteboard is a 79" digital whiteboard. Star board interactive white board  exists in main class room which is employed by a software. It’s a pen-driven or stylus and finger controlled technology with an obtrusive overlaying surface with a projector named Hitachi CP-WX3030WN projector (brightness 3000 lumens,4000:1 contrast, LCD Projector, origin japan) along with a laptop. Necessary sound system and air condition system are included. Sixty six (66) Participants are allotted for doing the class.

Class room-2

In this room thirty (30) seats are available for the trainees. Air conditioning system has inaugurated recently. One multimedia projector (Sony) and a Dell laptop are available here with required sound system.

Class room-3

This room is standard for 24 number of trainees. The room is also air conditioned properly.