PWD Training Academy and Testing Laboratory

Message from the Director

PWD training academy started its journey from the year 2010.After taking responsibility of director in April, 2015 it was my heartfelt desire to launch an informative dynamic website of the academy. I am delighted with the successful unveiling of the website.

In the year 2014-15 PWDTA conducted 40nos. good quality training courses on various subjects of civil, electro-mechanical, IT  and office management related courses. At present the academy is equipped with all modern facilities of international standard and IT friendly having high speed 3mbps Wi-Fi internet facility.

In the website we have provided all the necessary updated information include Master plan, available facilities, recent activities with photographs, manpower, course calendar, trainee database, budget & expenditure statement, quick link, feedback etc. Specialty of the website is the provision of on-line registration, upcoming events and feedback. A brief description of the testing laboratory and library is also available.

Any suggestion to enrich the website will be appreciated and accepted.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that the dynamic website of the academy will play an effective role in continuous professional development of the engineers and employees of PWD thus enhancing their skill and knowledge to facilitate in maintaining quality construction work.

Dr. Mainul Islam, PEng
PWD Training Academy & Testing Laboratory